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Justin Bieber, who has the new super hit song One Time at the top of the charts across the country, selected Kristen to be his “girl” in the song’s music video which already has over 6 million plays on youtube and can be seen on MTV and iTunes. Check out the video below on this page!

This Fall, on Nicklelodean, Kristen will be appearing as a Beauty Pageant contestant in an episode of the hit TV show, iCarly. Be on the lookout for the episode titled “I Was a Beauty Pageant Girl”. We’ll announce an air date when we have it.

Kristen just completed shooting a web commercial for Disney for their interactive karaoke game product line, Disney Sing-it. More details will be announced here when the commercial is released.

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LaDyGaGaFaMeMoNsTeR 7 March 2010  
kesha is my copy ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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